Epovex Adhesive

CATEGORY: Adhesives

Epovex is a carbon nanotube enhanced ambient or elevated temperature cure two-part epoxy adhesive. Used for bonding, laminating, filling or potting, it is ideal for many metals, woods, masonry products, and some plastics and rubbers. Epovex was also designed to bond Zyvex Performance Material’s Arovex composites.

Repair and maintenance applications are an ideal segment for Epovex Adhesive! With a bonding strength stronger than welding, Epovex allows our customers to rapidly repair and maintain their products with the confidence that the latest in materials technology is hard at work.

Additional fillers or glass micro-beads may be added to control sag qualities or to control bond-line thickness to a specific specification. Epovex is commercially available in a variety of packaging, including quart (3.5 lbs), gallon (14 lbs), five gallon (72 lbs), and drum (720 lbs) kits.

As the world continues to adopt composite materials in a wide variety of markets, Epovex Adhesive is an ideal choice. Please contact an APV technical representative for more information.

  • Excellent flexibility
  • Very high T-peel strengths
  • Very high tensile shear strengths

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