Paints & Coatings

APV has expertise in coating formulation for a broad range of applications. Below are just some of the products we offer. APV will custom develop coatings for specialty applications and for private labeling.


Aeroprite was developed for use in the aircraft industry as a single-coat application alternative to multi-coat systems. The most important quality of this high performance product is its excellent adhesion to aircraft-grade aluminum. The weight savings of the coating system is a great benefit to the aerospace industry.

Anti-Graffiti Coating

Our anti-graffiti coating for flexible substrates is engineered specifically for the upholstery industry. It is a highly flexible coating that effectively resists common stains and markings including ball point pens, Sharpie® markers and other permanent markers. Our anti-graffiti for hard substrates coating has exceptional gloss retention and chemical resistance, and is extremely resistant to chipping and marring.

APV eCoolRoof®

APV eCoolRoof is a white, field-applied, cool roof coating system engineered to significantly increase the emissivity and total solar reflectance properties of a roof’s surface. The product’s reflectivity is warranted for 10 years, which is more than three times longer than conventional elastomeric acrylic coatings. APV eCoolRoof meets and exceeds the Cool Roof Rating Council’s (CRRC) standards for cool roof coatings.


DuraBright with Kynar Aquatec® resin is APV’s most weatherable paint technologies in bold and bright colors. Get the bright reds and bold blues you’re looking for without worrying about fading and erosion.


APV has a full line of enamel formulations. Depending on your application, we offer air-dry enamels, baking enamels, and chassis enamels. All products provide superior weatherability and durability.


NeverFade® with Kynar Aquatec® Resin is APV’s multiple award winning, water-based exterior paint series. It’s the world’s best choice for resisting UV induced fading, dirt, stains, algae, mold, and fungal growth, abrasion, and corrosion.

Pre-Cure Outside Tire Paint

This water-based paint is used on unvulcanized rubber tires and other rubber surfaces including sheet rubber. The pre-cure paint creates space, which improves air-bleed and provides a uniform fluid flow. As a result, the look of the finished tire is significantly enhanced.

Repair Paint

Rubber repair paint is used in new tire and retread manufacturing and applied to cured rubber surfaces in the final finish stage. The product hides blemishes, crayon marks, and other minor defects and enhances the look of the finished tire.

Sidewall Protective Paint

Sidewall protective paint is a superior sprayable, blue-colored paint typically used on cured white lettering, white sidewall panels, and APV’s heat transferred decals. The product protects the white rubber from scuffing- (caused when tires are stacked for storage and shipping), handling, UV light damage, as well as the adverse effects of oils & resins emitted after curing.

Stencil Paint

Stencil paints are used to enhance race tire sidewalls and any other cured rubber surface with a logo or brand name. These paints have been specifically formulated for cured rubber compounds, and have excellent adhesion characteristics, crack resistance, and color retention, without bleed-through.


VYNGUARD® is a full line of custom coatings for flexible vinyl substrate. Formulated in a variety of chemistries to suit your performance requirements, VYNGUARD provides a 100% barrier to plasticizer migration.


Walkway is a non-slip safety paint that can be applied to any area with high foot traffic such as: aircraft wings, loading steps, thresholds, ramps, step plates, platforms, ladders, helicopters, radar equipment, various machinery, decking, playgrounds, boats, truck beds, golf carts, and much more!

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