NeverFade® 2K Performance Topcoat



PRODUCT CODE: Various/Custom
CATEGORY: Paints & Coatings
INDUSTRIES: Architectural, Industrial & Commercial Coating

NeverFade® 2K Performance Topcoat with Kynar Aquatec® CRX is used on applications where extreme weatherability, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance is required. This two component system is part of APV’s Neverfade® line of facade restoration coatings, our most advanced line of exterior topcoat chemistries for the architectural industry. It contains low VOCs and is engineered with a high cross-link density and PVDF content.

Offered with a 15 year warranty against fading, NeverFade® 2K Performance Topcoat has proven its longevity in protecting and preserving color, resisting abrasion, eliminating algae and fungal growth, as well as withstanding dirt pickup and stains. As with all of the NeverFade®  branded topcoats, the 2K does not chalk or break down overtime like traditional exterior acrylic latex coatings.


  • 15 Year Warranty Against Fading
  • Exceptional Resistance to UV Degradation
  • High Performance in Abrasion and Chemical-prone Exterior Environments
  • Low Solvent Content
  • Low VOC
  • Resistant to Algae & Fungal Growth
  • Resistant to Dirt Pick-up and Staining
  • Resistant to Chalking
  • Spray, Brush, or Roll Application
  • Industry Proven Resin
  • Inorganic Pigments
  • Custom Matched Colors
  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Aluminum

Other substrates are acceptable, contact APV Engineered Coatings’ Technical Department for approval and application specifications.


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