APV Engineered Coatings values its caring employee environment and rewards staff members who contribute to the growth and success of our great company. We provide a complete and comprehensive compensation package with competitive salaries and benefits program.

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Total Compensation

Competitive Wages:

APV has salary paid positions as well as hourly paid positions that are competitively compensated.

Monthly Bonus Opportunities:

APV acknowledges that it takes the entire team to meet goals. On a monthly basis, when the company determined sales goal is met, each employee is awarded with an extra $100 in cash.

Year-end Bonuses:

APV evaluates each employee and provides annual bonuses based on performance and profitability.

Financial Security

APV understands the value and importance of planning for the future.

401(k) Plan:

This company-sponsored retirement plan allows employees to contribute a portion of their pay, which may defer up to 25% of pretax earnings, to help build savings for retirement. Maximum contributions for employees under 50 years of age is $18,000/annually and $24,000/annually for over 50 years of age.

Profit Sharing Plan:

Without great employees, we wouldn’t have great profits. APV rewards our employees with a portion of the company’s profits to employee profit sharing accounts.

Health Benefits

Employee health is important to us! Our health package and programs makes living healthy affordable:

Health Care Package:

    • Medical
    • Prescription Coverage
    • Vision
    • Voluntary Dental
    • Voluntary Short-term Disability
    • Company Paid Life Insurance

The Start! Fit-Friendly Program:

In collaboration with the American Heart Association®, APV offers employees a heart-healthy work environment through the following incentives:

    • Opportunities to participate in exercise-oriented community events
    • APV offers healthy snack alternatives at an inexpensive price
    • Employees get 15 extra minutes to walk on their lunch break
    • Employees are reimbursed 50% of their monthly gym membership fees up to $30 per month.

Learn & Grow

APV believes strongly that personal growth is just as important as professional. Because of this, the following programs and policies are offered to every employee:

Tuition Reimbursement:

APV reimburses 100% of the educational cost (tuition, books, software, etc.) for employees that receive a B grade or higher.

Career Growth:

At APV it’s important that a position is not a just job; it’s a career. There are continuous opportunities for promotion or position changes.

Job Training:

Employees in every department at APV are offered job-related training opportunities. APV provides training for degreed professionals, interns, experienced workers and new workers alike.

APV Engineered Coatings is an equal-opportunity employer.