Do you offer contract manufacturing?

Yes, APV’s contract manufacturing services provide our partners with turn-key solutions for manufacturing, filling, packaging, labeling, and shipping. We are a trusted partner for producing customer-owned product formulations and we manufacture private label products for Fortune 500 paint corporations to privately-held specialty businesses.

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What types of products do you contract manufacture?

We contract manufacture various types of coatings, including disinfectants, pigment/colorant dispersions, paints and coatings, rubber solutions, printing and marking inks, sealants and adhesives, and more.

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What is the typical turnaround time for a contract manufacturing order?

A contract manufacturing order typically takes about four weeks to produce, however each project is different. All customer supplied raw materials must be on site prior to lead time.

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Can APV formulate to my specific compliance needs?

APV can modify the raw material selection to comply with your specific permitting. International, Federal, or even State specific requirements can be a focus for your custom formulation.

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How long do industrial coating projects typically take?

It varies. Every project is different and unique to itself so there is no “formula” for how long a project will take. Typically, we can get sample requests out within a week, however, once a product is developed it then goes into testing/qualification. The testing/approval process is generally what determines the time frame.

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What type and how many pieces of equipment do you have?

APV has over 300 pieces of manufacturing equipment. From rubber churns, ball mills, horizontal mills, high-speed dissolvers, dual shaft mixers, stationary blending tanks, filling and labeling equipment and more.

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What is your total capacity for new business?

APV has a 14-acre footprint and more than 300 pieces of manufacturing equipment with a 32-million-gallon capacity. We currently run one shift and have plenty of available capacity.

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Do you offer compliance assistance for new projects?

APV offers regulatory assistance and advice including, but not limited to Prop 65, HAP, VOC, Conflict Minerals and Global Harmonization System (GHS). Your formula will be reviewed and pertinent SDS information will be made available if desired.

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Does APV help other companies develop coating products?

From fortune 500 companies to small manufacturers, our research and development team has helped develop coatings and other products for a wide array of customers from a variety of industries. We help solve some of the industry’s most challenging performance criteria with scalable, practical and application-friendly solutions.

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Can APV help me improve an existing coating?

Absolutely. Our team of chemists and research staff will work directly with your production team to improve your existing formulation and optimize the coating application. We can help to address specific performance characteristics, physical properties, environmental compliance needs, application methods, testing procedures and more.

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How can I save money on my building’s exterior restoration project?

Restoring a building’s exterior with field-applied coatings such as NeverFade® Exterior Paint saves money, time and reduces environmental impact. It protects your investment longer than any other paint on the market, we guarantee it. You can learn more about how sustainable exterior restoration methods can help reduce costs in this gb&d article in which our products were featured.

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Has APV won awards?

APV has won several awards, including the CPIA 2023 Elevation Award in the Multi-Family/Residential High-Rise category, the CoatingsPro Magazine 2022 Contractor Award, ranked 20th on the Paint & Coatings Industry Magazine Top 25 North American paint and coatings manufacturers.

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What memberships / certifications does APV maintain?

APV has been awarded and supports a number of certifications, memberships, and associations. We are most proud to be certified to the quality standards of ISO 9001:2015 with design.

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Does APV have staff chemists to test new coating types?

Whether engineering a new coating technology or improving an existing formula, our team of research scientists, chemists and chemical engineers develop and test a broad range of water and solvent-based polymer formulations. Our fully equipped laboratory offers testing resources for a multitude of industry standards and specifications. Our in-house testing capabilities include:

  • Salt spray resistance
  • Hardness
  • UV resistance
  • Flexibility
  • Water immersion
  • Thermal cycling
  • Humidity resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Mold & mildew resistance
  • Acid resistance
  • Gasoline, hot oil, antifreeze exposure
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What is your process for developing a custom formulation?

Our team works with you throughout the entire development cycle.

  • Research & Development
  • Compliance Assistance
  • Formulation Expertise & Recommendations
  • Testing Procedures
  • On-Site Technical & Production Assistance
  • Batch Production & Quality Control
    Laboratory to Production scale-up
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