NeverFade® Exterior Paints with Kynar Aquatec® PVDF resin are superior performance coating systems that revive and protect commercial and residential building façades.

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Building Owners and Facility Managers

NeverFade® Exterior Paints with Kynar Aquatec® PVDF resin is unprecedented in the industry for lengthening the life of a building façade for 15+ years. Its offered with a non-prorated, 15-year product-and-labor warranty on fade resistance that is fully transferrable to future building owners. This innovative, water-based technology contains low VOC emissions and has very low odor, for minimal disruption to building occupants. It’s also very low maintenance with its innate resistance to dirt pickup and mold/algae growth.

Architects, Specifiers, and Engineers

NeverFade® is the field-applied solution for long-term performance in the architectural industry. The original Kynar 500® grade of PVDF resin technology was used in factory-applications for coil coated metals primarily used for roofing. Kynar 500® is industry renown for unprecedented outdoor performance but required a baking process at ~400 degrees Fahrenheit to cure. Kynar Aquatec® was developed as water-based alternative with the same unmatched performance but curable at outdoor ambient air temperatures. Now with Kynar Aquatec®, the primary ingredient in NeverFade®, PVDF performance can be applied to any surface on a commercial or residential building envelope or industrial application for a 15+ year lifecycle!

NeverFade® is custom color matched to order. Standard colors are available in mica or solid options.

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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • 15+ year lifecycle
  • Contains inorganic pigments
  • Extreme UV resistance
  • Blocks algae and mold growth
  • Resist dirt pick-up
  • Withstands Abrasion
  • Low VOC
  • Low Odor
  • Field-applied
  • Custom matched colors

Warranty Application

Download and fill out the Warranty Application and submit back to This form must be filled out in its entirety, signed and submitted to APV Engineered Coatings within 90 days of the completion of the job.

Download and fill out the Warranty Application and submit back to This form must be filled out in its entirety, signed and submitted to APV Engineered Coatings within 90 days of the completion of the job.

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Product line

NeverFade 2K Performance Topcoat Beauty Shot
Paints & Coatings

NeverFade® 2K Performance Topcoat

NeverFade® 2K Performance Topcoat with Kynar Aquatec® PVDF resin is equipped for any industrial or high-traffic restoration application, including on steel structural beams, light posts, railings and doors.

NeverFade Metal Topcoat Beauty Shot
Paints & Coatings

NeverFade® Metal Restoration Topcoat

NeverFade® Metal Restoration Topcoat with Kynar Aquatec® PVDF resin is a high-performance, field-applied architectural coating that provides a superior factory-like finish.

NeverFade Original Topcoat Beauty Shot
Paints & Coatings

NeverFade® Original Topcoat

NeverFade® Original Topcoat with Kynar Aquatec® PVDF resin is a field-applied, high-performance architectural coating engineered specifically for porous and flexible building materials.

W-1650 Bonding Primer Beauty Shot

W-1650 Bonding Primer

W-1650 Bonding Primer is a unique chemistry that adheres to tough surfaces such as metals coated with Kynar 500®, siliconized polyester and powder coatings. It also adheres directly to metal and some plastics.

W-1500 Universal Primer Beauty Shot

W-1500 Universal Primer

W-1500 Universal Primer is a multi-surface acrylic primer engineered for use with NeverFade® Original Topcoat.

W-1400 Elastomeric Primer Beauty Shot

W-1400 Elastomeric Primer

W-1400 Elastomeric Primer is an acrylic-based coating that provides a flexible membrane for a variety of building envelope surfaces, including stucco, concrete, masonry and PVC.

2K Epoxy Primer Topcoat Beauty Shot

2K Epoxy Corrosion Resistant Primer

2K Epoxy Corrosion Resistant Primer is a low-VOC, two-component primer ideal for bonding to metal and concrete. This field-applied product is a part of our NeverFade® brand of coating systems.



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About the Chemistry

We live in an extreme world. Natural elements, such as sunlight, water, wind, and air, drastically break down coatings over time exposing facades to further damage. Slowing down the rate it takes for a coating start eroding, chalking and fading comes right down to the science and engineering of extreme materials.

The Polymer

The backbone or binder of NeverFade® topcoat formulations is Kynar®-brand polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF). Kynar® fluoropolymer emulsion technology is comprised of carbon-fluorine (C-F) bonds. The C-F bond is one of the strongest bonds known in chemistry providing extreme weatherability, withstanding harsh thermal, chemical, and ultraviolet (UV) environmental conditions for an exceptional length of time. APV is the first licensee to engineer coatings with Kynar Aquatec®, a water-based and fluorosurfactant-free (FSF®) grade of PVDF giving NeverFade® coatings extreme, long-term durability coupled with low VOC and eco-friendly features- all very critical in today’s world.

The Pigments

Along with the PVDF binder system for ultimate weatherability, NeverFade® is engineered with complex inorganic color pigments (CICP). Unlike widely used organic pigments, CICP’s provide enhanced performance in heat and chemical stability, UV opacity, hiding power, and infrared (IR) reflectivity. In NeverFade®, CICP’s are encapsulated by the PVDF polymer providing an even heightened defense against our extreme world, especially UV.

The Additives, Additional High-Performance Co-Resins and Rheology

With its high performance PVDF binder and complex inorganic color pigments at the frontline for protection, NeverFade® products are also fortified with proprietary rheology modifiers, UV inhibiting additives, fungicides, high performance co-resins (depending on substrate), and corrosion inhibitors. This combination gives NeverFade® the ability to guard against algae and fungus growth, abrasions (such as wind, sand, and high traffic), salt spray, dirt pickup and stains.

What do we mean by rheology and why is it important?

Aside from extreme performance, APV’s key objective in the engineering of NeverFade® was to have factory-like aesthetics, even when brushed-on or roll-applied. Our chemists focused on optimizing the rheology, or the “flow of matter”, to have a self-leveling effect as it cures. This self-leveling characteristic minimizes brush lines and roller marks to form a smooth and continuous film on the surface. Our chemists have also optimized viscosity and hiding power for ease of application and aesthetics. Because of this unique rheology technology, all NeverFade® formulations can be applied by spray, brush or roller.

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NeverFade® Applicators

Learn more about NeverFade® approved or certified applicators.

Learn more about NeverFade® approved or certified applicators.

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