Contract Manufacturing

APV’s contract manufacturing services provide an efficient means for production and distribution. A trusted trade partner for producing customer-owned product formulations, we manufacture private label products for Fortune 500 paint corporations to privately-held specialty businesses. APV houses a vast range of manufacturing capabilities operating out of 8-acre manufacturing facility. Outside of our state-of-the-art research and development laboratory, APV has an additional dispersion laboratory for samples and small batch runs.

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Contract Manufacturing Services

  • Utilize the latest SPC and QC inspection techniques
  • Trusted partner with confidential trade secrets
  • Minimize your floor space usage
  • Reduce production expenses and capital investments
  • Option to implement customer-owned equipment into our facility
  • Provide access to our lab and technical staff
  • Support unique formulation controlled processing requirements
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing and testing equipment
  • Economies of scale reduce raw materials cost
  • Flexible order quantities
  • Precise and consistent quality of production output
  • Batch guarantee

Custom Packaging

APV can custom package your product by package type, material, size, or label. Our custom packaging offers the following options for your products:

  • Aluminum and caulking tubes
  • Eight (8) ounce bottles
  • Pints
  • Quarts
  • One (1) gallon cans

  • Five (5) gallon cans
  • Fifty-five (55) gallon drums
  • Totes (typically 250-350 gallons)
  • Direct fill into tanker trucks

Shipping and Distribution

APV can ship hazardous or non-hazardous materials domestically and internationally. This service offers you:

  • Reduced logistics management needs
  • Minimized freight costs
  • Quality assurance and on-time delivery

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