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The façade restoration of a Class-A office building in southern California has won the 2020 Metal Architecture Design Award in the Renovations and Retrofit category.

Architects judging the award recognized the holistic restoration project for “nailing the recreation and restoration of the [original] design intent” and for “the pride in doing a job that well.”

Coating contractor Stuart Dean Company used NeverFade® Metal Restoration Coating with Kynar Aquatec® to give the 45-year-old, 18-story anodized aluminum structure in Newport Beach a clean, new, factory-like finish and a 30-year extended service life. The company is a National Certified Applicator for NeverFade® Coatings.

“The original aluminum exterior showed advanced signs of corrosion and pitting and was no longer protecting the structure from ultra-violet rays and water-borne corrosives,” said Chris Incorvaia, National Manager of Façade Restoration, Stuart Dean Company. “While the project’s initial RFP called for a solvent-based coating system, we knew that using a water-based coating would allow us to minimize disruption to the building’s high-profile tenants, complete the job more efficiently and guarantee long-term performance.”

NeverFade® Façade Restoration Coatings with Kynar Aquatec® PVDF resin is a low-VOC, water-based, field-applied coating system that provides a superior factory-like finish. Its advanced formulation is engineered for extreme UV protection as well as resistance to algae, fungal growth, abrasion, dirt pickup and stains. Manufacturer APV Engineered Coatings offers a 15-year, transferrable product-and-labor warranty to the building owner. The warranty covers color fading and chalking, guaranteeing that NeverFade® will dramatically outperform other field-applied, high-performance coatings, even in extreme environments.

“For more than a decade, building owners and project specifiers have turned to NeverFade® Coatings to extend the life of their properties with minimal disruption,” said Erin Neff, director of Marketing and Business Development, APV Engineered Coatings. “We are honored that industry professionals at Metal Architecture recognize the value, quality and cost-efficient investment of NeverFade® for sustainably lengthening the life of the metal facade.”

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Stuart Dean is a leading national provider of architectural restoration and maintenance services for office buildings, office tenants, schools, healthcare, hotels, government, retail, residential and industrial settings. The company’s advanced technologies, skilled craftsmen, products and processes clean and restore surfaces. They provide world-class restoration services on metal, stone, wood, glass, concrete polishing, tile & grout revival, chandelier cleaning, carpet care and facade restoration. Stuart Dean has restored and maintained architectural surfaces since 1932, providing outstanding service nationwide. For more information, call 1-800-322-3180 or visit

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Founded in 1878, APV Engineered Coatings custom formulates and manufactures industrial coatings and advanced chemical products in Akron, Ohio. APV is a partner to some of the world’s top-producing manufacturers due to its expertise in chemical and coating composition, the commercialization of advanced materials and large-scale production. The company’s innovative solutions have been integrated into a variety of industries for unique applications, such as aerospace, innovative textiles, and high-end building products. A licensee of Arkema Inc. in the use of Kynar® emulsion technology, APV has been developing and commercializing high-performance Kynar® resin-based coatings for field and factory applications for more than a decade. For more information, call 800-772-3452 or visit or Join the conversation by using #NeverfadeCoatings, #KynarAquatec and follow us @APVCoatings.

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