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NeverFade® Façade Restoration Coatings with Kynar Aquatec® have been recognized by Architectural Products Magazine as a 2018 Product Innovation Award (PIA) winner. The exterior coating system also earned a Special Citation for Sustainability.

NeverFade Topcoat Set

The Architectural Products PIA champions product ingenuity in the building environment. Winning products and projects were chosen by a panel of 16 judges including architects, interior designers, lighting designers and veteran A/E/C writers based on their value to architects in the specification process. The judges recognized NeverFade® Coatings for its “excellent warranty and excellent life.” They also made note of the coatings as “naturally sustainable as a long-lasting paint with low VOC, allow[ing] for reduction in construction material by increasing recoat periods.”

“Our eighth edition of the award proves commercial building manufacturers are committed to, and are working arduously toward, delivering more sustainable products, as well as products that deliver better performance, life and affordability,” said Jim Crockett, Editorial Director, Architectural Products Magazine.

“We are delighted that industry experts chose NeverFade® as a worthy recipient of this prestigious award,” said Erin Brown-Neff, Director of Marketing & Business Development, APV Engineered Coatings. “NeverFade® has been used on hundreds of thousands of square feet of building exteriors worldwide. The advantages of our coating system have been most significant on commercial and industrial properties, where renovation costs can be high and restoration work is complex. NeverFade’s ability to lengthen the lifespan of such building exteriors has afforded tremendous cost savings to property owners.”

About NeverFade® Coatings

NeverFade® is a line of field-applied, water-based, and low-VOC topcoats and compatible primers that restore and protect building exteriors with long-lasting performance. The topcoats are formulated with Kynar Aquatec®, a tough and industry-proven PVDF resin that resists thermal, chemical and ultraviolet degradation, with more than 18 years of fade and chalk performance in some of the harshest environments. Coupled with the coatings’ high-performance additives and specialty grade inorganic pigments, Kynar Aquatec® is highly resistant to color fading, chalking/UV degradation, dirt pickup, staining, algae, mold, fungal growth and erosion.
The NeverFade® coating system also protects against rust, corrosion and efflorescence as well as promotes long-term adhesion to the building surface. The topcoats are offered in metallic-like sheens to dark, bold colors or custom color-matched to the client’s specification. The product comes with a 15-year product and labor warranty for fade and chalk performance.

About APV Engineered Coatings

Founded in 1878, APV Engineered Coatings custom formulates and manufactures industrial coatings and advanced chemical products in Akron, Ohio. APV is a partner to some of the world’s top-producing manufacturers due to its expertise in chemical and coating composition, the commercialization of advanced materials and large-scale production. The company’s innovative solutions have been integrated into a variety of industries for unique applications, such as aerospace, innovative textiles, and high-end building products. A licensee of Arkema Inc. in the use of Kynar® emulsion technology, APV has been developing and commercializing high-performance Kynar® resin-based coatings for field and factory applications for more than a decade. For more information, call 800-772-3452 or visit or Join the conversation by using #NeverfadeCoatings #KynarAquatec and follow us @APVCoatings.

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