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Manufacturers of interior leather and upholstery components can now see performance test results for APV Engineered Coatings’ VYNGUARD® Anti‐Graffiti coating formulation. The company created a video to demonstrate how VYNGUARD® Anti‐Graffiti performs against a variety of common chemicals and stains.

“VYNGUARD® Anti‐Graffiti finishes have become popular among OEMs of interior upholstery and leather products such as contract seating and automotive components like seats, door panels and dashboards,” said Mike Couchie, VP of Sales, APV Engineered Coatings. “The coating passes 200,000 WFlex testing and 400,000 cycles of Wyzenbeek testing, providing high flexibility and abrasion resistance. It also resists blue jean dye staining without compromising its soft, premium‐leather feel. Plus, it can be formulated with anti‐bacterial and anti‐fungal additives.”

The video can be viewed at on APV’s YouTube® Channel @APVCoatings. Chemical substances tested included household cleaners, candle wax, hair dye, sidewalk deicer, bleach, crayon, marker and pen. Food stains included mustard, BBQ sauce, ketchup, blueberries, coffee, red wine, lemon juice, vegetable oil and bacon grease, as well as pink lipstick. After exposure for four hours, the surface was wiped with a dry rag, then cleaned with soap and water, an upholstery cleaner and a bleach‐and‐water solution.

Results revealed virtually no remaining residue, with the exception of faint hair dye and mustard stains. The samples were then exposed to 30 minutes of UV rays, after which both faint stains disappeared completely.

Available in solvent‐ or water‐based, VYNGUARD® is a family of performance coatings and finishes that provide an easy‐to‐apply clear, protective layer that can mitigate plasticizer from migrating through the surface. The formulations exceed industry standards for UV resistance, dirt shedding, moisture resistance, severe stain protection and fungal resistance, depending on the chemistry. Pigmented topcoats or print ink formulations are made with specialty grade inorganic pigments for superior color fastness. They have long coating lifecycles and provide high‐definition print reception, superior dot gain properties and excellent adhesion.

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