APV Bead Dip Cement secures uncured bead rings into place during tire building.

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Used in new tire manufacturing, APV’s Bead Dip Cement is a water-based adhesive that cures in an autoclave.

Bead Dip Cement is applied by a dipping process in which it is poured into a plastic or stainless steel tank (with stainless steel welds) that bead rings are dipped into for complete coverage. Maintain the product for use by simply agitating the cement intermittently at a slow speed.




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Tire & Rubber

Product code:

N-9994, N-9306

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Contains no VOCs or HAPS
  • Nonflammable
  • Curable
  • High solids
  • Easy to cleanup
  • Easy to apply
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Low odor


Product Data Sheets

Product Data Sheets


N-9994 (.pdf / 310KB)

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APV’s full line of industrial adhesives are engineered for use in tire and rubber production, packaging, paper and label manufacturing, building products, vinyl OEM, and custom applications.

Tire with cement adhesive

Tread Cement

APV Tread Cement is ideal for tire manufacturers that want a cost-effective way to adhere components such as the underside of extruded tread, splices, and skives together.

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ZEVOC® Retread Cement

ZEVOC® retread cement is the first patented water-based cement for cured rubber substrates. Used in tire retread manufacturing, its exceptional adhesion properties match those of solvent-based alternatives.

APV offers a complete line of coating, adhesive and marking products for tire and rubber manufacturers.

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