Cure Indicator Ink is offered in a solvent-based, temperature-sensitive chemistry for use on green rubber parts to indicate when a component is fully cured.

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Cure Indicator Ink is applied directly to uncured, extruded rubber hose or tube. After the uncured material is wound onto spools and steam-cured in an autoclave, the color of the ink changes from red to white. This indicates that the marked rubber has reached the desired cure temperature.

Cure Indicator Ink is applied by gravity-feed method through a Beugler® striping wheel or offset printer. It can be custom-formulated for specific equipment, application and performance requirements.

Color change is activated when temperature is sustained for 18 minutes at approximately 260°F (127°C) or above.

Color change is activated when temperature is sustained for 25 minutes at approximately 300°F (148°C) or above.




Rubber & Plastics


Tire & Rubber

Product code:

D-2624, D-2196

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Reduces Scrap
  • HAPS Free
  • Vibrant Color
  • Easy to Apply
Product Data Sheets

Product Data Sheets


D-2624 (.pdf / 307KB)


D-2196 (.pdf / 299KB)

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