APV Engineered Coatings offers 3 different systems to apply both our solvent-based and water-based tread striping inks.

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Equipment offered includes a Beugler Wheel®, a Capillary Pressure System and a Capillary Gravity System. APV will recommend a system based on customer variables such as striping amount, tread temperature, dry time, and distance from application to cooling.




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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Customized equipment design & installation
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Product Data Sheets

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Beugler Wheel®

APV’s Beugler Wheel® striping system consists of a bottle of tread striping ink with a Beugler Wheel® cap. The bottle is placed upside down in a holder with the Beugler Wheel® cap against the tread. As the tread moves, it rotates the wheel allowing it to pick up the ink inside the bottle and transfer it evenly onto the tread. The Beugler Wheel® heads are available in a variety of sizes and pitches to allow different stripping widths and transfer amounts.

Striping Ink on Beugler Wheel®

Capillary Gravity System

APV’s Capillary System can either be gravity or pressure fed. In either system, the tread striping ink is transferred through a capillary tube to a blunt needle. As the tread is running, the needle is laid against it allowing ink to transfer through it onto the tread. The result is a solid line without variation in width or thickness.

The Capillary Gravity System is ideal for production lines that go through a minimal amount of ink per day. It consists of a bottle holder, a gravity feed cap, and a control panel. Bottles are placed upside down in the holder with the gravity feed cap attached. The tubing in the cap then hangs down and the needle is secured in place by a holder. Ink is supplied to the needle through gravity, but still maintains the same flow rates as the Capillary Pressure System. Should the conveyor running the tread stop for any reason, a control panel tied into the conveyor can automatically shut off the system.

close up of capillary gravity system

APV’s Capillary Pressure System

APV’s Capillary Pressure System is ideal for production lines that apply a high amount of ink per day. It consists of ASME pressure tanks, an air pressure manifold, an ink pressure manifold, and a control panel. Striping ink in the tanks is pressurized by the air pressure manifold, which then sends the ink through the capillary tubing to the ink manifold. The ink is then fed to the needle, and transferred to the tread. In addition to the air pressure manifold, each color in the system is also independently controlled by an extra sensitive regulator to increase or decrease pressure. These changes in pressure will in turn increase or decrease the flow rate of the ink. Should the conveyor running the tread stop for any reason, a control panel tied into the conveyor can automatically shut off the system.

Capillary Pressure System

APV offers industrial ink products engineered for a wide range of uses for OEM. Available in water-based or solvent-based formulations, our industrial inks can be used for transferring, marking, striping or coding.

APV offers a complete line of coating and marking products for tire and rubber manufacturers.

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