APV’s UV marking crayon (C-0303) is specifically designed to mark a rubber surface with a mark that is visible only under UV identification and inspection cameras.

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APV’s UV marking crayon is compatible with uncured rubber surfaces and disappears after curing. This crayon fluoresces under 365 nm ultraviolet light, making it a valuable tool for identification and quality control procedures in rubber manufacturing.

Crayons are available in standard and extra large sizes and can be applied manually or by machine.




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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Disappears after curing
  • Assists the inspection process
  • Leaves no visible markings on the rubber surface
  • Safe and easy to use


Product Data Sheets

Product Data Sheets


C-0303 (.pdf / 306KB)

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Crayons and inspection markers are ideal for industrial applications in the tire, rubber, hose, automotive, and other OEM industries.

Disappearing Crayon for Rubber
Crayons & Inspection Markers, Identification Marking

Disappearing Crayons

APV’s Disappearing Crayon (C-0300) is specifically designed to visibly mark uncured rubber surfaces to denote problem areas. The markings go away after the rubber is cured.

ply markers
Crayons & Inspection Markers, Identification Marking

Ply Markers and Crayons

Ply markers and crayons have zero VOCs and are typically used to mark rubber surfaces for inspection and identification. Ply markers, also known as fugitive crayons, are a valuable tool for marking uncured rubber surfaces such as calendered material, plies, and bead rings.

APV offers a complete line of coating and marking products for tire and rubber manufacturers.

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