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Keys to Pink Stain Prevention: Inhibiting Bacterial Growth and Sealing the Substrate

Pink stain is a common problem on marine fabrics such as seating cushions, upholstery, flooring and other vinyl surfaces. Once the stain happens, it is there to stay. There is no conventional way to clean pink stain because the dye causing the stain has been absorbed and is no longer on the surface. Prevention is the best way to deal with pink stain issues, and there are a few methods to consider: 1.) preventing the growth of the bacteria that causes it or 2.) sealing the substrate with a coating.

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  • The Problem with Pink Stain on Marine Fabrics
  • Pink Stain vs. Pinking
    • Pinking
    • Pink Stain Bacteria
  • The Pink Stain Culprit: Plasticizers on Flexible Vinyl Surfaces
  • Methods for Preventing Pink Stain Damage
    • Bleaching
    • Biocides
    • Antimicrobial Additives
    • Barrier Coatings