2K Epoxy Corrosion Resistant Primer

PRODUCT CODE: 2K Epoxy Primer
INDUSTRIES: Architectural, Industrial, & Commercial Coating

2K Epoxy Corrosion Resistant Primer is a two component, high performance product used on metal and concrete outdoor building materials. The product is field-applied and most commonly used on structures in high humidity, UV, and corrosion-prone environments. The primer protects surfaces from harsh weather conditions, corrosion and provides excellent adhesion to the substrate as well as intercoat adhesion to our NeverFade® with Kynar® and Kynar Aquatec® topcoats.

The product is supplied in a two part kit and is formulated to be applied using standard contractor-grade HVLP equipment, brush or roller application. Reduce product with APV’s Oxsol 100, as needed, to optimize sprayability. To activate the Part A, incorporate Part B (EB-0-010, 11% by weight) into the Part A container. Thoroughly mix the components. Apply the topcoat between 24-96 hours after application of the primer.




COLOR: Gray, other colors upon request
TYPE: Solvent-Based
VOC: 21 g/l
RECOMMENDED FILM THICKNESS: 4-5 mils (wet) 3-3.25 mil (dry)
COVERAGE: 270-370 sq ft/gal
DRY TIME: 4 hours touch; 24-96 hours to re-coat
POT LIFE: 4-6 hours


  • Passes 3000 Hours of Salt Spray Exposure Testing Exceptional Adhesion
  • Low VOC
  • Compatible with Neverfade® Topcoats
  • Flexible, Withstands Freeze-Thaw
  • Mold/Mildew Resistant
  • Adheres to a Variety of Surface Grades
  • Easy to Apply
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Steel
  • Concrete Surfaces

Other substrates are acceptable, contact APV Engineered Coatings’ Technical Department for approval and application specifications.

Email info@apvcoatings.com to request a Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

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