Maskant Binders are used in conjunction with other maskant powder products in slurry making for the diffusion coating process on aluminum alloys.

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APV Maskant Binders prepare slurries and volatilize during the diffusion coating cycle with no contamination of the pack or coating nugget mixes. The product line includes:

B-4 Binder

Contains organic binders and a non-explosive, non-flammable solvent. Oven-drying is typically not required.

B-40 Binder

Solvent-based binder system. Oven drying is typically not required.

B-100 Binder

Water-based binder system. Oven drying is required.

B-200 Binder

Higher viscosity water-based binder. Oven drying is required.





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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Prevents Coating Formation
  • Excellent Self Retention
  • Easy to Implement
  • Cost Effective Solution



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Product Data Sheets

Product Data Sheets

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